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I help direct sellers find money-making magic inside their Facebook groups!


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Meet Your Coach!

Hi Rockstar! Nice to virtually meet you. I do believe you are tour bus kind of rockstar cool by the way because you've chosen the BEST industry to be in! 

My direct sales career began with a newborn and two kids under 6 plus a hard-working husband who was traveling non-stop! 

Direct sales gave me the chance to be a mom while hanging onto the old Chanda who loved having a career. 

I wanted to have it all and my VIP customer group helped me achieve that. That amazing group of folks who gathered with me on Facebook enabled me to find a passion for coaching others on how to use smart marketing strategies too. That's been almost a decade ago-time flies and yet VIP groups are still rocking direct sales businesses just like yours!

Glad you're here and I hope to have the blessed opportunity to coach you on how to find money-making magic in your group too!