Marketing Mess


I became an entrepreneur at the least likely time. Newborn baby, toddler who had just turned two and a rambunctious sassy 6 year old daughter! 

Life was beautiful while messy and yet I knew that building a business would not only help our family but fulfill my dream of leaving a family legacy. 

So I started hustling. Building. 

The only problem was....

Marketing help was nonexistent for a mama like me. 

No-one took me or my messy bun and yoga pants seriously....


More Money More Sleep


So I became a student of the game and slowly over time began using my own marketing game plans that were so simple I could easily implement without spending a ton of time while catching up on much needed mom sleep!

After seeing my business soar quickly I created this formula which I still teach to this day:

The more conversations I could start on social/email...

The deeper the connections I'd make with my target...

The more connections established the more money I make! 

Fast forward to 2020...


Moms Need Marketing Now

Our daughter has lost most of her "sass" while her brothers keep us on our toes. Like many families this year we've spent A LOT of time together. 

And like YOU I've had to pivot with my business and rely on digital marketing more than ever to grow and sustain business in these trying times. 

Now more than ever mamas need to master simple marketing strategies so that regardless of how messy life is, their business keeps moving forward and I am so excited to help you do that mama!

Welcome To Mundil Marketing!