3 Huge Black Friday Cyber Monday Lessons

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Whew, it's over! Can we all golf clap that??

We made it through these monumental retail extravaganzas as a consumer cleaning through the loud emails and as business owners trying to fight our way into the profits too! 

Anyone else relieved it's over?

These fast and furious shopping marathons tend to put both sides in a pressure cooker of sorts. Pressure to get the best deal and pressure to extend the best deal to customers---dang! 

Regardless if you love or hate these retail "holidays", there were 3 glaring lessons I learned this year that you can use to put your business in the best position going forward regarldless of how big/small your biz is.

It should be noted before I give you the goods here that I am strictly an online shopper. Perhaps it's the memory of juggling three children while attempting to choose items with half a brain and coffee in hand that fuels my behavior?

Perhaps it was the rookie mistake of showing my boys the toddler-sized shopping carts so they could "help" shop....Don't do that okay. Just don't unless you'd like a "clean up on aisle 3" situation on your hands. 

I speak from experience.

Mama has been online shopping EVERYTHING ever since, so this gal pays a lot of attention to email. 

But I digress....back to the lessons.

Keep reading I'm getting to the point here...

#1. Not Single Small Biz Came For My Money

My inbox was dominated by big-box retailers but yet social media was flooded with pleas for us to shop local, shop small. Friend, we have this twisted. Why on earth would small businesses NOT come for me in the ONE spot black Friday and cyber Monday shoppers flock to----EMAIL? I know this answer but that is for another coaching/soapbox post! But I will say this, you have a place in our emails and you GOTTA believe in that! 

#2. I Felt Appreciated And They Hooked Me

One of my subcription based retailers not only emailed me on both days but did an outstanding job segmenting me as an "existing member". I get all the feels with this and here's why. First, it shows they are paying attention to who is on their list and that creates trust with me that this company has its crap together! Secondly, the content positioned itself as a "thank you for your biz" vibe. They didn't just offer me a discount, they extended a "member only" offer I couldn't resist. My overall Black Friday/Cyber Mondy experience through email with them solidified my future relationship...I ain't going anywhere else! 

#3. I Purchased From Familiar Faces 

At one point it occurred to me I was getting emails from retailers I never signed up for, HELLO retailers are obviously still buying email lists somewhere-yuck! Never EVER do this okay? Simply put even if they flashed deep discounts on my phone screen I still chose to do biz with those with whom I have a trusted purchasing history. This is the point of the blog post where you're probably counting the number of times I say "trust". It's that big of a deal and should excite you because as a small business owner you have the leg up here. It's WAY easier for me to trust a local family-owned establishment than a big box store, the challenge is reaching me so that you begin to put me in this trust-building process-again a whole nother blog post for another day friend! 

So Now What? 

Take an honest look at email marketing. Whether you've crashed and burned with it before or are a total rookie, it's worth your time and energy not just for these two crazy shopping days but for consistent opportunities throughout the year! 

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