3 Mistakes Causing Leader Insecurity And How To Avoid Them

Jan 05, 2021

Leader insecurity is something I have faced more than I would like to admit. So powerful at times I remember contemplating giving up because I wanted desperately to be delivered from the pain of feeling like a leader failure.  

I wanted so badly to promote then and then BAM I didn’t feel qualified. 

I am even MORE embarrassed to admit to you that my failures in leadership had EVERYTHING to do with how I was marketing to my team or lack of. 

Yet here I am as a marketing coach-ha! Stay with me here sis…

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Here’s what you may be saying to yourself like I once did...

Don’t they want to be successful? Where’s the motivation people??

Why are they ignoring me in our team page? It’s plain rude..how would they feel if they promote and get ignored???

I don’t understand why they aren’t showing up for training! 

Mistake #1

I bought into the concept if your team isn’t performing then replace them with newbies. Now, let me be SUPER clear. Yes, you should be constantly building your team. But doing this will not fix the issue of a culture in which they ignore your content. Poor leadership content=poor performing team. Yep, I said that. 

If their sole power source to motivation and kick butt fire is your team page and you’re not bringing that level of power for them to plug into, this issue will trickle down into your team performance in some way shape or form. 

Think about your customer VIP Facebook group. When you bring the straight fire, does it perform well for you? Business usually good--thought so! 

Sis marketing to your team is much like marketing to your customers. 

Get real and ponder…..What does your team NEED from you? 

Mistake #2

I was overloading them with do this, do that when in reality they can find that information on their own inside the company resources. I was creating a culture of tasks masters not dream chasers.

When instead I should have been posting content that emotionally moved them to seek that information on their own.  

See the difference?

Mistake #3

My team email was all about numbers and training programs were not advertised with enough emotional value. Now I realize you are in sales so yes numbers are important but if I could do it all again, I’d put more email emphasis on story sharing how team members were overcoming obstacles. How they were kicking comfort zones to the curb. 

Instead of publicizing training webinars with lackluster plugs, I’d juice them up and create them to solve more emotionally-tied issues while lasting 20 mins or under. 

“Brainstorm Session For Overtired Mamas”

“What To Do When You’re Ignored On Social”

“Best Ways To Get Spouse To Support Your Biz”

“The ONE thing you need to do NOW so you don’t quit”

“Comfort Zone BootCamp: Only Attend If You’re Willing To Sweat”

“Recruiting Dumbed-Down & Demystified” 

Looking back I had major insecurities about leadership which stemmed back to the way my team responded to my social posts/emails. There’s no perfect team mama, and sure some will always ignore you but what you can do is overcome insecurity by knowing..

What marketing message do they need from you? 

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