3 Ways To Fix Engagement Levels

Jan 13, 2021

You know who I can't stand....The social media crickets! 

They're energy suckers, confidence creepers, and let's get rid of them!

But they teach us important marketing basics.

Engagement levels are one of the most transparent measurement tools we have. If you are indeed conveying a message clearly to your target market in a conversational manner, they will respond! 

Whew...that’s a loaded sentence so let’s break it down. 

#1. Target Marketing 101 

Marketing DOES not work on any platform unless you know who your target is and what they need from you. Fail to take the time to identify your target and poor engagement is inevitable. 

The Fix: Often our target is a lot like us. Take a piece of paper and jot down what your daily struggles are that relate to your small business. Then match your solutions to those problems and BAM you’re on your way to speaking their language. 

#2. Don’t Show Up Throw Up

Social media has the word “social” in it. Let’s be reminded that platforms were never intended to be a selling environment. Most of us show up in a post and spew information at our audience instead of mimicking what a natural conversation would sound like. 

The Fix: Try asking a question at the beginning of your post to get us thinking as we read on. 

#3. Let’s Put This All Together

Once you’ve got your target identified, your challenges listed and matched up solutions. Create a piece of content that aims to solve one of your target’s biggest challenges but make it sound just like we’re sitting down chatting over a beverage. 

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