Monthly VIP Theme For Consistency!

Feb 20, 2021

Fact: You will be consistent with VIP group posting when you’re having fun with it! 

Fact: You are human and can’t be creative ALL the time! 

Fact: You are doggy paddling your way through to-do lists right now and need to get organized!

I got you lady-KEEP READING!

✌All you need to do is create a monthly theme for your VIP group! I like to refer to it as your monthly branding campaign just for your group. 

✌This helps you focus on creating content with a clear purpose, stay organized with it all while taking members on a fun journey they can actually follow. 

And it works! Why? 

Well, you need to get in your VIP members’ shoes for a quick sec..

They need you to slow down with the content topics. Instead of zooming from one product post to the next, take us on a weekly journey where we can consume the info in a few different ways. 

Reminder: just because you post it doesn’t mean we will see it. Our phones are buzzing with tons of social notifications each day and when you slooooow down and focus on ONE pain point + solution each week you’ll earn our respect, trust, and attention! 

What's a pain point? 

✌It’s something your members are struggling with. 

What’s a solution? 

✌It’s either a product or a tip you will share that helps them overcome the struggle. 

So how do you turn this into a monthly theme? 

Easy peasy. 

Step #1. Choose a theme that fits the calendar month we are in.

Step #2. Create a new group cover photo with new theme in mind. 

Step #3. Break down each week of the month into a pain point/solution theme. 

Step #4. Show up and solve the pain points with your fabulous solutions with a content calendar plan. 

You might be thinking HOW do I show up and solve the SAME pain point for ONE whole week? 

Valid question let me break it down…

Do you have more than one product that helps me save time? Perhaps you demo more than one product but yet we’re still showing members how they can save time. 

Make sense? 

Here’s how my students approach the content calendar with this method: 

  • Monday-fun uplifting post that introduces the paint point of the week and gets members excited to stay tuned for solutions this week! 
  • Tues-Quick tip that solves paint point 
  • Wednesday-Simple post that tells members to set their phone alarms because you will be streaming live Thurs to help them (fix pain point) and they don’t want to miss it! 
  • Thursday-Stream live and demo solution 
  • Friday-Personal branding. Forget products + selling just connect with members! 

How do you put this all together?? 

You might enjoy using a good old Canva letter template to put your whole month’s theme into one visual place for you once you’ve created your VIP group cover photo! 

Then take notes and get really specific on how you're going to solve the pain.

I’ve gone ahead and made a March theme board for you that you can use for your own inspiration! 

I want to challenge you to start thinking of your VIP group like a product in your catalog! There are features and benefits to being one of your members and when you begin to treat your VIP community as an important piece of your offering, cool things happen lady! Excited for what’s ahead for you!