Wavering Or Winning?

direct sales directsalestips facebook parties network marketing socialmediatips Dec 10, 2020

Do you know who started FB parties at your company? I do! Her name is Julie and she’s a dear “other” to me. She chose to win instead of waver. 

What's direct sales wavering? 

Wavering is the space between consistently working your social strategy and stopping. You start, you stop, start, and stop. You resist starting and staying focused.

And although it's the biggest struggle in direct sales social success, it's where reachable victory sits. 

Let's put this into practical learning....

Do you waver between perfecting FB parties and not taking any action?

No, you’re working FB party strategy HARD because you’ve seen others earn money that way. Others’ success has inspired you and paved a path for which you work really hard at. 

Do you think those “others” felt confident in the beginning?


The difference is they chose to STOP wavering when there wasn’t instant success to grab onto. Faith fueled their actions. Trial and error directed steps and outlines. 

The truth for you today is there are others paving a way for you through social strategy, might I suggest you watch them closely and see how they waver less than you. 

Starting and stopping, and starting then stopping will only drive you further away from monetizing your social media presence which by the way is the future!