Why I Quit Direct Sales

Jan 01, 2021

This past April I logged into my old Facebook VIP group and announced I was back! Maybe it was to see if I still "had it"....maybe it was to see if I could really GO FOR it this side of 40. Wanna know what happened....

I crushed it bigger and badder and faster than I had before. 

Built a team of nearly 20 in less than 60 days, we sold upwards of 30k monthly. Leaders developed under me. Earned the company incentive trip in 4 months flat. 

And I still quit..

Here’s why and what you can learn from it. 

#1. What Happened In My VIP Group Will Shock You

My group is old meaning I created it almost 7 years ago when I was one of the first to create the VIP group experience at my company and GOOD GOLLY was this group ever a revenue machine! At one point, my company’s home office staff including the chief marketing officer were members so they could witness the awesomeness that was..

This amazing community is the reason I quit direct sales the first time so I could coach others to model the same social media success. But my gut told me not to delete the group, just archive it in the event I’d ever want to return. 

After 2 years of the group laying dormant, I announced with an excitement post I was coming back to my direct sales business just this past April. I did not expect ANY responses let alone the abundance of business that followed. 

By May 10th I had promoted into leadership because my VIP community members were messaging me asking to join my team and I was shocked! I had QUIT ON THEM before. Why in the world would they want me as their coach? It was vulnerability. 

They trusted me because my content was open and honest. Much like this blog post you are reading. I had connected with them by sharing my shortcomings, failures, and lessons learned. They knew me and what I stood for because I allowed myself the opportunity to be authentic in there! 

So I quit AGAIN because I want to teach others how to unleash the power of VIP groups that are still powerful today..


#2. Ability To Motivate Moms In Marketing

When we hung up the phone she messaged me, “I just feel better when I am able to coach with you.” She was my “rockstar” poised for quick leader promotion. Truth be told whenever I hopped off ANY coaching call with my team I was energized, inspired, fulfilled, good at it especially when we coached through marketing! 

But I started noticing that moms, in particular, lacked the motivation to put time and energy toward marketing strategy..

So I quit AGAIN so I could coach MORE moms and motivate them to take action!

#3. I Scared Myself Mindset

When I tell you I went for it the second time around, I really did! NOTHING and NO ONE was going to stop me because I came into the sequel with a new mindset. Kept telling myself I had nothing to lose but everything to gain. Started stepping into the belief system that I was in fact an entrepreneur and therefore I attacked daily tasks as a startup would. Relentless, disciplined effort, no binge-watching anything, no time for nonsense, no time for people who weren’t on the train with me. At times I didn’t recognize myself-ha! Who was this lady??? 

So I quit again to share with you that mindset in your marketing is everything! 

People often ask me if I regret starting, quitting, starting, and then quitting direct sales again. My answer is NO. Each journey within every season has had its own purpose and with each of these seasons I’ve walked away with new tools to serve others. 

I quit a million times again if I meant I served you better in the end!