Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Over Your VIP Group!


And get a simple success plan in just one hour!

Yes, I Need Simple!

Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Over Your VIP Group

And grab a new simple success plan in just one hour!

Yes, I Need Simple!

Is This You?

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You're creating and posting content but it's not converting. Your members are not buying, booking, joining your team because of your posts. You know the approach needs to change but aren't sure which steps to take next. 

You're feeling overwhelmed with the daily biz tasks that need your attention! Between training your team and focusing on your personal business, your head is spinning and you just need to find a groove. 


Times have been tough and budgets are tight! You want expert-level coaching that gives you real steps not fluff all at a small business budget!

You're Not Alone I Was There Too!




Imagine Fixing It In One Hour

Content Conversions

Imagine posting content that actually generates engagement and requests from group members asking to buy-book-join your team!

Create More Time

Imagine not worrying about marketing while you get to focus on other aspects of your biz because your weekly content system is ready to post!


Imagine being able to increase budget spend elsewhere because the small investment your new marketing system is paying you back in incredible ROI. 


 You + Me on Zoom for one hour!

Yes, I Want This!

What You'll Get


A social media audit of your Facebook VIP group which I will have prepared ahead of your session and you will be provided with a quick fix list to get rocking with conversions! 

You tell me your goals and I'll get to writing one week's worth of content for you with related graphics that are ready for you to copy and paste from your very own Trello board and designed to generate business!

Your session will include a social media recruiting lesson that gives you an authentic approach that when used consistently has the power to change everything for you. I'll give you the exact steps to recruit your VIP's. 

Plus you get a 15 minute follow-up session to make sure you're on the right track!

I Created This For You Because...

I remember struggling to find marketing assistance when I first started my VIP Group! I wish someone was willing to give me the exact steps they had taken to use the VIP group to succeed at all aspects of the business.

Sure there were plenty of training programs but none that taught how to use VIP groups to get sales, bookings, and recruits all at the same time. I wanted all areas of my business to fire on all cylinders consistently. 

And like you, I wanted to grow without begging for the business or coming across as pushy and I desperately needed someone to just hold my hand through a few things!

I especially saw the need to help female entrepreneurs like me juggling family and business. 

We need simple!



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